Quebec cancels fall university sport due to coronavirus

Reseau du Sport Etudiant du Quebec (Wikimedia Commons)

Quebec has cancelled its fall university sport schedule due to coronavirus according to the Canadian Press. The sports that are impacted the most are football and rugby.

Even though the university sport schedule has been cancelled, each Quebec university will be allowed to have what has been termed as an “activity” with one other university in the sports of golf, cross-country running, and soccer. Obviously, you can clearly social distance in the sport of golf. However, by not having a full schedule where you play every university in the province, and the champion from Quebec then moves on to the national championship, having these events in golf, cross-country and soccer seem more like an exhibition, than anything else.

You could easily argue what’s the point, and one needs to wonder if athletes do proceed and participate in these golf, soccer, and cross-country running activities, that they will lose one year of eligibility. One would seriously hope not.

The Montreal Carabins are the defending Dunsmore Cup champions. Last year they defeated the University of Laval Rouge et Or 25-10. Meanwhile, the University of Concordia Stingers beat the University of McGill Team 38-19 in the 2019 Quebec university men’s rugby championship, while the University of Ottawa Gee-Gees beat the Rouge et Or 25-15 in the 2019 Quebec university women’s rugby championship. Even though the Gee-Gees participate primarily in the Ontario University Athletics Conference, they do participate in the Reseau du Sport Etudiant du Quebec in women’s rugby, women’s hockey, women’s volleyball, and men’s rugby.

Prior to the start of the 2019-20 Canadian University Sports season, the University of McGill announced that their men’s varsity teams will no longer be known as the Redmen. Their women’s varsity teams will continue to be called the Martlets.

There have been 65, 262 cases of coronavirus in Quebec. Of those, there have been 57, 428 people who have recovered and 5780 deaths.

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