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The Canadian Sport Scene website was created in June, 2017. Its mission was simple and that was to celebrate Canadian sports success on the international stage. Canada is a rising sports nation superpower and unlike what many people believe, we are more than just hockey. Don’t get me wrong. It is important to recognize the 415 Canadians that currently encompass the National Hockey League, but it is equally important to recognize the success of Canadians in all sports. The Canadian Sport Scene website is still in its infancy, but we hope to grow. The opinions are of our own, and we hope to combine a strong balance of accurate reporting and analysis. What I promise the reader is that you will never have to pay to read the articles on our website. We are entering an era where readers are needing to pay a subscription fee on websites to read content. It is important on www.canadiansportscene.com that every reader worldwide does not have to pay anything to read about Canadian sports stars!

– Jeremy Freeborn

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