Edmonton Football Team will not be known as the Empire

Edmonton Football Team (Wikimedia Commons)

The Edmonton Football Team of the Canadian Football League will not be known as the Edmonton Empire when they decide on their new official team name. According to Gerry Moddejonge of the Edmonton Sun on Friday, the term Empire was thought to be too closely related to imperialism.

The Edmonton Football Team decided on July 21 that they would no longer be referred to as the Eskimos and be recognized as either the Edmonton Football Team or the EE Football Team until a new name has officially been decided. The fact that they are planning to keep the logo of double E, means that the new team name will start with the letter E. Possible suggestions at this time are Energy, Elks, Eagles, Eels, Engines, Erasers, Echoes and Enchantments. The Edmonton Football Team still has www.esks.com as their website.

The reason for the change is because the football team was getting feedback from people within the Inuit community in Canada, which recommended a change. The Edmonton Football Team may have some time before deciding on a team name. The 2020 Canadian Football League season is in serious jeopardy because of coronavirus. Even though Winnipeg has been decided as the hub city, there is still a lot of work to be done between players and owners before football becomes a reality.

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