Trevor Bonot shockingly leads Pool A at 2024 Montana’s Brier

Trevor Bonot (X)

There is a surprise leader after the fifth day of the 2024 Montana’s Brier in Regina, Saskatchewan. Trevor Bonot of Fort Frances, Ontario is at the top with a record of five wins and one loss.

In Tuesday’s action, Bonot, who is representing Northern Ontario for the very first time, won both of his games. He first defeated Ontario’s Scott Howard 10-6, and then beat British Columbia’s Catlin Schneider 7-4. In Northern Ontario’s win over Ontario, Bonot picked up three points with the hammer in the fifth and ninth ends. Then in Northern Ontario’s win over British Columbia, Bonot stole points in the fifth and 10th ends.

In Pool A, Alberta’s Brendan Bottcher and Manitoba’s Brad Jacobs are both at four wins and one loss, while Manitoba’s Matt Dunstone is at three wins and two losses. Northern Ontario’s only loss came to Jacobs by a score of 9-8. Alberta’s only loss came to Bonot by a score of 6-5. Jacobs’s only loss came to British Columbia by a score of 9-8.

In Pool B, there is a three-way tie for first. There you find Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories and Prince Edward Island. All three teams are at five wins and one loss. Meanwhile, Team Canada is at four wins and two losses.


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