Team Canada wins men’s and women’s team pursuit cycling bronze in Germany


Allison Beveridge (Wikimedia Commons)

Team Canada won bronze in the men’s and women’s team pursuit cycling at a World Cup in Berlin, Germany on Friday. The Canadian men beat Great Britain to win the bronze medal, while the Canadian women beat Italy to finish third.

In the men’s race, the Canadian team comprised of Derek Gee of Ottawa, Ontario, Aidan Caves of Vancouver, British Columbia, Michael Foley of Milton, Ontario and Jay Lamoureux of Victoria, British Columbia. The Canadian team had a time of 3:56.339 by 0.755 seconds to beat a cycling team comprised of members from the British Huub Wattbike Test Team. The British squad had a time of 3:57.094. In the gold medal match, Australia beat Denmark. Australia had a gold medal winning time in the final of 3:51.21 and Denmark had a time in the final of 3:54.703.

In the women’s race, the Canadian team comprised of Canadian Olympic bronze medalist Allison Beveridge of Calgary, Alberta, Ariane Bonhomme of Gatineau, Quebec, Annie Foreman-Mackey of Kingston, Ontario and Stephanie Roorda of Calgary, Alberta. In the bronze medal match, Canada overlapped Italy during the race. Great Britain won the gold medal with a time in the final of 4:16.153 and Australia won the silver medal in the final with a time of 4:16.413. The medals for Gee, Caves, Foley, Lamoureux, Beveridge, Bonhomme, Foreman-Mackey and Roorda, will give them confidence in their attempts to make the Canadian track cycling team for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Beveridge meanwhile won her Olympic bronze medal in women’s team pursuit track cycling at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro with Jasmin Glaesser (now Duehring) and Georgia Simmerling of Vancouver, British Columbia, and Laura Brown of Calgary, Alberta.

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