Canada remains perfect at World Men’s Curling Championship

B.J. Neufeld (Wikimedia Commons)

Team Canada has improved to a record of six wins and zero losses at the 2019 World Men’s Curling Championship in Lethbridge, Alberta. On Tuesday, Canada defeated Germany 7-4 to continue their unbeaten streak.

It was a strong game for Team Canada third B.J. Neufeld, who curled 96%. Neufeld outcurled the German third Ryan Sherrard by 20%. Interestingly, Sherrard is originally from Saint John, New Brunswick and currently calls Munich, Germany home. Sherrard also has experience representing Canada internationally, as he finished in fifth place at the 2004 World Junior Men’s Curling Championships in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec after winning the 2004 Canadian Junior Men’s Curling Championship in Victoria, British Columbia.

Team Canada meanwhile is all alone in first place. Switzerland was also undefeated with a record of six wins and zero losses, but lost 9-4 to Sweden’s Niklas Edin on Tuesday night. Sweden also suffered their first loss on Tuesday as they were beaten 6-5 by Scotland in the morning.

Japan is tied with Switzerland and Sweden for second place at six wins and one loss. Japan’s only loss to date came against Sweden, as they were beaten 8-3 on Monday night. Japan’s Yuta Matsumura will be Canada’s first opponent on Wednesday morning. Canada will then play Sweden in the evening.

The only other teams above the .500 mark at the 2019 World Men’s Curling Championship are Italy and the United States. They are tied for fifth place with a record of four wins and two losses.

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