Canada beats Czech Republic and Netherlands at World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships

Kadriana and Colton Lott (Twitter)

Team Canada has a perfect record of three wins and zero losses at the 2024 World Mixed Doubles Championships in Ostersund, Sweden. The Canadian team comprised of Kadriana and Colton Lott of Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba beat the Czech Republic team of Zuzana Paulova and Tomas Paul 8-3, and the Netherlands team comprised of Vanessa Tonoli and Wouter Gosgens 11-0 on Sunday.

In Canada’s win over the Czech Republic, the most significant end was the third end. That is when the Lotts scored four points with the hammer. At the time, they took a commanding 6-1 lead. The Czechs did steal a point in the fifth end after being forced to take one point in the fourth end. Canada then scored two points with the hammer in the sixth end to close out the game.

In Canada’s win over the Netherlands, the Lotts completely dominated. After scoring two points with the hammer in the first end, they stole two points in the second end, two points in the third end, three points in the fourth end, and one point each in the fifth and sixth ends for the shutout.

Canada only has one game on Monday. Their opponent is South Korea, which is at 1-2. Switzerland, Estonia and Sweden are also 3-0.

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