Andre De Grasse wins bronze in the men’s 100 metres at the 2020 Olympic Games

Andre de Grasse (Fernando Frazao, Wikimedia Commons)

Andre de Grasse of Scarborough, Ontario won his fourth career Olympic medal on Sunday when he won the bronze medal at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021. De Grasse posted a personal best time of 9.89 seconds, but was still not good enough to land on top of the podium.

Marcell Jacobs of Italy won gold medal with a time of 9.80 seconds. Fred Kerley of the United States won the silver medal with a time of 9.84 seconds. De Grasse reached the podium by .04 seconds over fourth-pace finisher Akin Simbine of South Africa, who had a time of 9.93 seconds.

Jacobs became the first sprinter to represent a European country and win the men’s 100 metres since Linford Christie of Great Britain won Olympic gold at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona.¬†Christie followed up his success at the Olympic Games with a gold medal at the 1994 Commonwealth Games in Victoria, while representing England.

In the 100 metre race on Sunday, de Grasse got off to an abysmal start, but came back with a marvelous last 100 metres to win a medal and reach the podium. At the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, de Grasse won three medals–silver in the men’s 200 metres, bronze ¬†in the men’s 100 metres, and bronze in the men’s 4×100 metre relay.

Canada is now in 12th place in the medal standings with 14 medals. They have won three gold medals, four silver medals and seven bronze medals.

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