Canada wins gold in Women’s 3×3 Basketball Series in Springfield

Michelle Plouffe (Ruben Schonefeld, Wikimedia Commons)

Team Canada began the Women’s 3×3 Basketball Series in Springfield, Massachusetts with a gold medal victory. On Wednesday, Canada defeated the United States 20-18 in the final game.

The Canadian team was comprised of Michelle and Katherine Plouffe of Edmonton, Alberta, along with Paige Crozon of Humboldt, Saskatchewan, and Kacie Bosch of Lethbridge, Alberta. Michelle Plouffe had eight points and Katherine Plouffe had seven points. Crozon meanwhile had five points. Katherine Plouffe had five rebounds, and Michelle Plouffe had four rebounds. Katherine Plouffe had four key assists, while Michelle Plouffe, Crozon and Bosch each had one.

With 38 seconds left, Crozon made a key two-point shot, which at the time put Canada up 19-17. After the US pulled within one, Canada regained a two-point lead as Michelle Plouffe made a basket with 15 seconds left.

Team Canada went undefeated throughout the tournament. They defeated Puerto Rico 21-10, Germany 21-14 and another American team based out of Springfield by a score of 18-15. In the semifinals, Canada beat Springfield again 21-13.

Remember, at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021, the Canadian women’s 3×3 basketball team did not even have the chance to qualify in the 3×3 tournament due to a controversial Olympic rule that did not allow the same nation to compete in men’s and women’s action in the 3×3 basketball tournament. The Canadian men’s team tried to qualify, but were unsuccessful. Latvia won Olympic gold on the men’s side, and the United States won Olympic gold on the women’s side.

Canada sent a women’s basketball team to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021 and finished ninth. The Canadian Olympic Committee should have chosen the Canadian women’s 3×3 basketball team too to try and qualify for Tokyo instead of the men’s 3×3 basketball program.

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